The Alumni Council is the alumni association comprised of all graduates from the Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law.

The Alumni Council Board is a self-governing, self-perpetuating body of individuals drawn from the members of the Council that is responsible for the management of the organization.

As directed by the Alumni Council Charter, the purposes of the Board are:

  • To provide leadership and facilitate management for the Council;

  • To contribute to the governance of COL by serving as an advisory resource to the institution;

  • To support professional development and mentorship for students and alumni; 

  • ​To strengthen the bond between alumni and COL, its students, faculty, administration, the Trustees, and the community; and 

  • To give back to the community and students through service and fundraising activities.​


​The purpose of the Alumni Council is to advance the mission of the Colleges of Law (“COL”) through advisement, engagement, and service.   The Alumni Council endeavors to be the source of COL alumni activity focused on participation, professional development, and service to the community.


Membership in the Alumni Council is open to all those individuals who have successfully graduated from any program at COL, subject to the Council Charter and Bylaws.


​Interested in volunteering to the Alumni Council? Please contact Alumni Relations​ for more information at [email protected].