Volunteer Program

Alumni wishing to be volunteers

Are you COL alum who is interested in volunteering to your alma mater?  The Colleges of Law is a broad and diverse community with numerous opportunities to get involved.  COL regularly hosts a variety of community events at both our campuses and always has need for alumni support.  The COL also socially conscious and engaged in several service initiatives that allow us spread our message and to help the community.  Opportunities to volunteer occur regularly throughout the year in both Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.  Join us in serving others and in strengthening the special message that COL brings to the public.

If you wish to be contacted and become a COL mentor, please email us at [email protected] fo​​r more information. ​

 Mentoring Program

Alumni Mentoring Program 


At the Colleges of Law, students not only enjoy a first class education at an affordable cost, but they also join the COL community.  Students that graduate from our institution are matched with dedicated mentors within the chosen career of the graduate.  This is an example of the passion of COL alums that wish to aid their fellow alums in their new path.   


Currently, the AC Council’s Professional Development & Mentoring Committee is directing its focus in several areas.  The committee is working to assure there is an established mentor for each of the more than thirty 2019 COL graduates.  The committee is also looking to assist graduating students by helping them with finding internships, along with assistance with resume building, interviewing skills, portfolio assessment, with the goal of eventually finding graduating students a career services program. 



Want to be a mentor? 


Serving the profession as a mentor to a COL graduate is a rewarding experience.  Mentors serve as a priceless resource to their mentees, as they usually represent the central hub where new graduates and attorneys can direct their questions.  Mentoring helps a recent law graduate apply their newly acquired knowledge of the law.  Mentoring allows the mentor to convey their insights about what it is really like to work in a given area of law.  Recall when you were a recent graduate and how intimidating the entry into the field of law may have been.  As a mentor you can help students fill in crucial gaps in either their individual learning experience, or in their state of readiness to practice.  Above all, being a mentor is a way of "paying it forward" and helping someone new by sharing your experience with someone who needs it most. 



If you wish to be contacted and become a COL mentor, please email us at [email protected] for more information.​​